Company profile

PAN Biotech UK Ltd was launched in 2013 to supply the UK with best quality sera, serum replacements, media and reagents for cell culture manufactured by PAN Biotech GmbH.

PAN Biotech has been established in Bavaria, Germany since 1988 and prides itself in the manufacture of innovative, high quality products, efficient supply and excellent service.

PAN Biotech UK Ltd brings these innovative products to the UK market with diligence, accuracy and efficiency whilst offering superb customer service.

Our new UK distribution centre opened in January 2019. We sell directly to customers to ensure that the correct products are selected. We aim to surpass expectations of customer care and provide a personal service from the point of product selection to the point of delivery.

PAN Biotech UK Ltd is now a strong and growing cell culture specialist in the UK scientific sector, providing reliable product supply and support to University, Research, Clinical and Industrial laboratories.

We look forward to working with you.

Rebecca Cruickshank B.Sc. (Hons) – Managing Director

PAN Biotech UK Ltd does not supply product ordered outside the UK including China.
For non-UK orders, please contact: